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or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
So I need to call out to the mac os x people I know... I have a mac, it's an old one, a G5 but I have no operating system for it.

Can I snag someone's OS X install disc to copy?

Please & Thank you.... plus I'll give you homebrew beer!
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I am now an honorary canuck and will be skating with the Canadian Maple Beats against Team America's Outcast Derby. It's coming up soon! September 7th, in Everett, WA at the Skate Deck.

You can buy tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets

It's gonna be awesome!
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Before you head out on the town come down to Gordito's in Greenwood.

My art is on display for the entire month and a bunch of friends are coming down to hang out and eat burritos. I'll be there at 7pm to about 9pm

See you there.
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Here it is!
Originally uploaded by orinoneill
I got caught by one of the Westenders.
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I realized today that I totally fucked off my livejournal since I live off Google Reader to keep me informed of my friends and news.

Anyone know how to get my LJ Friends list updates as an rss feed?

In other news, I've been seeing this girl (Angela) since late October, we're doing good. Met her rollerskating. We both volunteer with the Jet City Roller Girls. If you haven't been to roller derby at all you should really come out to an event. The next one is Rust Riot on Feb 2nd ALL the NW leagues, Jet City, Rat City, Oly Rollers, Bellingham Roller Bettys, and Oregon and Eastern WA teams etc.

In other news I'm enamored with the iPod Touch, however it's only really useful once it's been jailbroken, once you knock off the restraints you can get awesome gadgets for it. It's the device I've been waiting years for. Once they break the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware and or a good SDK comes out for it, I'm buying one.

Anyway, things are currently up in the air for living situation, the lease is up at the end of Feb. Not sure if we're going to stay here or not, we lost a roomie and we might lose the other one and there is no way Jason and I can split around $1700 a month for rent and all that other necessary shit.
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lynnwood roll-a-way. monday the 13th 8:30pm

I'm back bitches.
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Being skeptical is good, but when it turns into pessimism, you have done something wrong.
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worst hangover ever today.

no more jaeger, srsly.
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I came home to the smell of burning. I check every room and it's coming from mine.

I check the computer, nope, laptop, nope, wall worts... nope. Then as I bend down to look under my desk I get the strong odor up my nose, I look over and feel my UPS, it's burning hot.

Immediatley I shutdown the computer and pull the plug on the UPS and leave it sit for a couple hours. I then carefully open it up to find batteries that were on the verge of combustion, they were bulging out about 1/4" in several areas and got so hot that the two are now melted together into one.

I will not buy another Belkin UPS. I've had this one for a few years, have two of them actually. I'm thinking about taking the other out of commission for the slight chance of this happening, I knew it was coming upon battery replacement time but I've never had even dead batteries do that to me.
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it's legit...

I ordered a white gummy and it was fucking awesome, tasted exactly like a white/clear gummi bear.

thanks Farkers/wikipedia!

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